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Default Re: Did OKC lowball James Harden?

Originally Posted by insidehoops
The Oklahoman says no:

For anyone to even suggest that OKC low-balled Harden is laughable. It would be simple-minded for someone to claim that the Thunder tried to operate on the cheap here. No one can assert that the Thunder has been frugal. How else has the team kept Nick Collison, Thabo Sefolosha, Kendrick Perkins, Kevin Durant, Daequan Cook, Nazr Mohammed Russell Westbrook, Scott Brooks and even Presti over the years? By paying big bucks, of course. Harden, the teamís third best player, wanted franchise player money and somehow the Thunder is wrong for shipping him out when his camp barely budged when bargaining? Doesnít add up.

I agree with you. They had to pay other players.. was the bottom line. However, I think Cook was shipped off in the trade, but I could be wrong. They still have a great young group that should be elite for the next 5 years if they have no major injuries.
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