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Default Re: Serge Ibaka must learn to finish at the rim better

Originally Posted by insidehoops
Nene, DeAndre Jordan, LaMarcus Aldridge, Josh Smith, Al Jefferson, Carlos Boozer, David Lee, Marc Gasol and Blake Griffin. Each of those players earn between $10 million and $14 million. And each shot at least 65 percent at the rim last season. Griffin, not surprisingly, led the way among that group at 74 percent. Ibaka connected on just 57.6 percent of his shots at the rim last season. That's a pretty paltry percentage for a player as athletic as Ibaka. But it stems from Ibaka's baffling tendency to be a finesse player more often than a power player. Too many times Ibaka settles for a soft lay-in as opposed to a ferocious dunk, and when he goes up soft he generally misses easy shots. To reach his full potential, Ibaka must boost his shooting percentage around the rim by at least nine percentage points.

-- Oklahoman

The one piece they are missing is a big man with a low post game; I am hoping Ibaka can be more productive on offense.
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