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Default Re: As a NBA fan nothing gets me more excited then opening night for the Toronto Raptors

Originally Posted by Parps
I thought Derozan was decent last night. I really liked his aggression in trying to get to the hoop and draw fouls. I don't think he has the respect of the refs yet..although he should soon.

Fields was the biggest disappointment for me. Just seemed like a non-factor out there. From the boxscore, he was a +6 though.

Derozan's aggression was nice but did you see any moves where he split the D? Could he get by his man without Val or Bargs or any of the other bigs setting screens for him? On top of that he isnt a good defender or shooter and if he isnt getting to the free throw line, raptors basically have nothing going for them at the 2/3 spots as fields (surprise surprise) looks like an 11th man off the bench. I understand why calderon will be at that 2 spot for stretches, he brings way more to the table on offense.

Tbh I dont care about his outside shooting at this point in his career, I just want him to improve the ball handling which would allow him to utilize his athletic tools when hes going hard to the basket.
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