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Default Re: Fire Mike Brown!!!!!!

Originally Posted by bladefd
PG is maybe the hardest position to coach in basketball unless if you have a superstar like Nash or CP3 or DWilliams or one of other star PGs (or if you have a LeBron or Kobe or Jordan running the point). The reason why it is so hard is because the PG is the guy running the offense and so if the PG fails the whole system falls apart. As a coach, you have to know the system as well as your PG and evolve the strategies along with your PG. If you are not both on the same page then the system will not function.

I believe that is where the issue lies from Brown/Nash/Kobe/offense perspective. They are not all on the same page. Brown/Nash have never run this offense before so Brown has to learn on the fly what works and what doesn't. That is where it becomes an issue; Brown has little idea of how to make changes/improvements on the fly since he doesn't even know the system well enough. Nash is lost because he doesn't know his role and has no idea what Brown wants him to do. Kobe seems lost because he never played with a PG of Nash's caliber before so he doesn't know how to make it work without Brown pointing him in the right direction.

That makes the system dysfunctional. Brown is not a good leader and never was. As a leader, he would have figured it out by now. Not every coach is a good leader though.. I guess because of that, I will give him until end of November. If he is a halfway competent coach, he will figure it out by then. If not, he won't. To be fair, the least you can do is give the guy a month of regular season. Remember where Miami was by December in their first season together?? Pretty terrible.. This is how it is looking so far for us. Spoelstra ain't a leader either but he showed everyone that he was a competent coach. Lets give Brown that reasonable time.

Give Brown time???? He's not a first year head coach.......he was a crappy coach in a weak conference with a great superstar........I had already seen all this guy could do before he got here....and if anything he's getting worse
In my experience in coaching over 30 years, I never had an issue with my point guards.....and I've coached as many as 8 teams at a time, teaching all of them anywhere from 5 to 12 different offenses.....and I'm talking ages 6 to 21+ ....I am considered a very good teacher.....but I can tell you I have never had Steve Nash to work with......the problem here has absolutely nothing to do with the player and everything to do with an incompetent head coach who doesn't give clear direction because he doesn't know what he's doing.
Now in thinking about it more at this moment, I can tell you that I run the offenses that best suit the players I have and teach various offenses so we can switch if it is not working at any moment....not stuck to 1 system where you have to force it to's also a case of positioning players in the right places and not asking them to do too much. (Of course at practice I teach every player to play every position so they fully understand what everyone is doing......a result of this is that all my guards rebound like Rondo and my bigs can handle the ball.)
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