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Default Re: Andre Drummond looking good early in preseason

Originally Posted by Aussie Dunker
Max sets the tempo for us, very important rotation player, probably one of the only guys I have ever seen to give 110% on every single night. Doesn't have much ability, but more than makes up with it through hustle, energy, toughness and heart.

It will be a good transition with the challenge being out there for Drummond to demand Max's starting spot... Eventually, when he is ready...

I like Maxiell, but he shouldn't be a starter in the NBA. He's a good hustle player off the bench. We're not going to be good. Drummond needed more PT than what he got last night. Let the kid play. I'm not saying start him right now. It'll humble him a bit to earn it. He does need to start pretty soon though.
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