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Default Re: Troy Murphy to the Mavs

Originally Posted by R.I.P.
What rest? If you think Brand, Collison and Mayo are great additions, you cannot possibly think the Mavs will miss the play-offs, unless you think Dirk is done. Marion has already shown he still got it. Crowder is probably the best player on a 2nd round rook min deal, Wright is the best player on a vet min deal. Even new Boxing Beaubois is suddenly looking like an NBA player again, but that can also change again in two weeks. If only Vince would accept that hes half grandpa, half Peja nowadays.

I think Mayo can go either way. But he's still got potential and he's certainly young enough. He's worth the risk, especially on his contract. Collison is an all-around PG, who fits the Dallas system. He's gonna get in the lane. He'll shoot, he'll pass, he'll be solid all-around. Elton Brand, as an Amnesty pick-up, will provide terrific cover for Dirk. And I think Marion is the perfect compliment to Dirk, on both sides of the ball.

But Kaman is not a good fit next to Dirk. I don't think he's good for the spacing. More importantly, the defense. I think Kaman is (at least was) a very good post defender and a solid defender overall. But he's not what you want next to Dirk. And that's a big deal.

I also think Dirk came into camp last year hungover and was complaining that he still had to carry the team himself, while all these teams have all these pieces (Harden killed Dallas and ran OKC in that 4 quarter, and was the 3rd best player). I know he's friends with Kaman. But as a whole, I can see him underwhelmed and his motivation seems greatly lacking.

Now, the person who mentioned Greg Oden...even if Oden could do no more than catch and put back an offensive rebound...if he could be healthy enough to rebound and play the defense that he was supposed to...hell, I hope he is.

I like Crowder off the bench. Deron was raving about him (Dallas should have pitched his draft selection lol) and he can play...they're on the cusp but they look to be falling a little short.
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