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Default Re: Fire Mike Brown!!!!!!

Originally Posted by takai
Man, we better get our act together. Not sure who's fault it is, or what our problem is. But we need to fix it. But if we continue to lose like this, Brown is going to get the boot.

I say just let Coach Kobe coach.

Currently coach Kobe is backing Mike Brown...

Kobe Bryant: 'Everybody shut up. Let us work.'

Meet Kobe Bryant, chief disciplinarian, ready to step forward with the Lakers having lost their first two games of the regular season before facing the Clippers on Friday night. In fact, the Lakers have dropped 12 straight if you include the final two playoff games of last season and the eight preseason losses.

"Now you have Mike Brown telling everybody to be patient," Bryant said Thursday of the Lakers' coach. "Back then, it was Phil Jackson telling everybody to shut up."

Now Bryant can do it … for Brown.

"Because I've won, so I can," Bryant said. "So I'll say it for him: Everybody shut up. Let us work."

This was a clever veteran move to try to defuse a situation that could quickly get out of hand. It was one day after Bryant declared he was not a happy camper in Portland. The last time the Lakers won a game was May 18, which was Game 3 of the playoffs against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Lakers have not opened a season 0-3 since 1978-79, the year before Jerry Buss purchased the team.

Not only has there been media criticism about the Lakers, but it has been coming from past and present NBAers, including Lakers legend Magic Johnson.

"I'm always surprised when I lose," Bryant said. "At the same time, it [the panic] is pretty entertaining to me. Nobody wants to win here more than I do. Nobody. Nobody .

"And I'm not panicking over it. Or jumping off a bridge because we're 0-2 or whatever."

He offered an interesting response to the growing cry that Brown's Princeton-based offense be scrapped.

"I just … I don't understand … the city here," Bryant said. "They've seen us win multiple championships here, playing an offense that was tough to learn that was a sequence of options that weren't set plays that took five guys being on the same page of working together," referring to Jackson's triangle offense.

"They know how that stuff works. For them to be so stupid now ....",4440433.story

I can see it now why Dishnetwork and DirectTV hesitating to agree to contract for $3.89....why should they agree to a deal where that team isn't entertaining its fan? Then TWC gets on Lakers back. Lakers then get on Mike Brown. If he don't win in next 8 games. I think he will be outa here by pressure from many stakeholders cascading down.

You know guys...if you want Mike Brown goes...only thing to do is hope Lakers keep losing...then basketball God will make your wish come true...but who knows maybe an even worse nightmare. So maybe we have to becareful what we wish for. I'll let it play itself out.

Who knew...we were expecting entertaining big lead winning with BIG 4 where we see them do crazy showtimes...instead we see them struggling from preseason games. Mike Brown is being exposed. He didn't win because he is a good coach, but LBJ did most of the work for him. Now that he has all talents, his true skill is surfacing up.

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