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Dang... i don't remember the offseason being such a carousel like this. It hasn't been one week and it seems like everyone's snatched up already. I think the only way we're gonna get a post-up, shot-blocking guy is through sign and trade now. The only guy's who are being shopped for possible sign and trades are Chris Wilcox, Jamaal Magloire, Troy Murphy (he's a punk tho - he probably hasn't done anything but he just looks like a punk), Andrew Bynum (rumor is Phil has already given up on the kid), Malik Rose, Samuel Dalembert (Philly might give him up easier than you'd think), and Theo Ratliff (Aldridge in, Theo out?). The only guys I like are the first 2 and Dalembert, but we'd prob have to give up too much to get them. We should try this new team out, see if they stay healthy. If not, get something done before the deadline in Feb.
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