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Default Re: Raps reach 4-year agreement with DeMar Derozan

Wow... I really did not understand or expect that feedback.

Good posts makes me think more deeply.

I would opine the following however:

1) As I recall (memory) Kobe in his 5th year shot something like 43% and commited almost 5 turnovers a game - yet in many ways was still a game changer.

2) So my comments reflect that "I think we really understood" what Kobe, TMAC, Vince, etc were by year 5 in terms of being game changers.

3) I really dont have a handle where to project Demar. The points about off the dribble and mid point shooting are good points. Did those skills develop in TMAC - r did he have them all along ??? Given he is at market rate if he doesnt develop into a game changer his contract is probably moveable $10M per year ?? !! I suspect so.

4) As for CAP space - I am thinking those projections assume that Barges is still here at the same money. Barges is due next year and "shrugs" who knows? Doesnt our expensive Amir come due in 2 more as well ? Landry's back end loaded deal is up in 3... so all around I am not certain it "cripples our cap space by signing Demar and extending KLow.... but it will make it more challenging...

My personal opinion is no opinion... I will have a firm opinion in 2014. Lets see what we get.

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