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Default Re: Only 6 corporations own the Media in our country..

Originally Posted by joe
There is a connection there. It's not as blatant as it is with banking or health care, it's a more subtle relationship. The government gives the media access, and in return the media doesn't go all the way with exposing the governments dirtiest deeds.

No matter what mainstream news channel you're watching, you will rarely (if ever) see extensive coverage of things like the NDAA, the insane lawsuits the EPA files against citizens, the murder occurring overseas, etc etc etc. I can't even watch mainstream news anymore, they basically cover the most unimportant actions taken by the government and leave out the interesting stuff. "What suit did Obama wear to the debate? Find out at 11!" Non sense.

Pretty much this. Even with the debates that CNN hosted they recycle the same old garbage questions and never ask anything of importance. The only issues they seem to discuss is abortion and gay rights, highly controversial issues that have no importance for the average american.. But people seem to be extremely interested in those subjects. They don't ask about our foreign policy, or about the FED reserve, or about dealing with the banksters, or how to create real job growth, or dealing with the corporations/financial elite, etc.. Because they can't as those kinds of people own the media.

And you are right about their coverage.. It's the biggest piece of propaganda crap I've ever seen. They always talk about terrorism in the middle east, terrorism domestically, terrorists killing X amount of people in a certain place, it's used to brainwash the population to think there actually isn't a threat when there isn't..

BTW, I generally watch Russia Today for my news.
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