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Default Re: Dallas will beat Atlanta on Sunday Night - I personally guarantee it.

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
yep...then we will lose to the fckin Browns...that's how we roll

FUN FACT ABOUT THE FALCONS: Every team they have played this year is currently under .500

They could be a bit overrated...hope Dallas can expose that
But if the Falcons were 0-7 then five of those teams would be at .500 or above.The only ass team they have played is Kansas City.

Atlanta opponents combined records: 19-33 (.365%)

Dallas opponents combined records: 31-19 (.620%)

If Dallas was 7-0, three different teams that they have played would be over .500, they played the Giants twice so its four separate games. If Dallas was 0-7, five of their opponents would be over .500 and you have that double NYG to make it six again.

They are both 1-0 against their lone common opponent, Carolina.

Atlanta is 3-0 at home, Dallas is 2-2 on the road.

Atlanta PPG/PPGA at home: 26.6/23.0
Dallas PPG/PPGA on the road: 19.75/23.5

I wouldn't be surprised if Dallas won.
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