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Default Re: Creepiest person/thing you have seen in the streets.

Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen
I once had a summer job going door to door selling siding, roof & basement finishing, window replacements etc etc.. anyways..

i had decided to pull a 10 hour day of going door to door in neighborhoods i wasn't familar with, in a windowless van that had attracted the attention of the cops on a few occasions. Seeing as i was out all day the only food i had been able to stop for was a quick meal here & there at QT. breakfast, lunch & dinner from a gas station, so around the 9th hour of this shift i start to feel something nasty rumbling in my stomach. I was at the doorstep of this house & they weren't answering their door, then out of nowhere the begining stages of mud butt started to hit me. I told the two other people i was working with at the time that i was about to shlt my pants but they just laughed it off. i told them to just keep going on our route & that i'd meet back up with them down the street. I then proceeded to ring the doorbell again at the house i was at just to be certain that they werent home, as the mud butt began to consume my body i immediately ran towards the side of the house & ducked under a bush, unfortunatly for me this bush wasnt that big & i was still extremely visible. I then proceed to have the nastiest god forsaken mud butt diareha extravaganza ever before. ALL over this siding of these poor peoples home. I then called the driver of the van that had dropped us off, pulled up my pants and sprinted from that house as if i had just robbed the place.

You should have done it in a paper bag and then light that shit on fire
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