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Default Re: Raps reach 4-year agreement with DeMar Derozan

I like DeMar, I really do, and I hope he continues to improve and prove most of us wrong, but the money that Colangelo keeps throwing at these unproven players borders on ridiculous, especially given his flip flops between "rebuilding" and "contending now".
I like how Ross is slowly going to go from "NBA ready right away" to "full of potential" now that he probably won't see a shred of playing time. The spin doctor is at work.

I think we all hope Derozan proves us wrong but other than us hoping it happens because we're Raptors fans, there's little to suggest it will happen. What I hoppe will happen is often very different from what I think will happen. You can't blame Derozan one bit. If someone offers me an obscene amount of money I'm taking it regardless of whether I think I've earned it or not.
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