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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

I had a Nuggets association running, but got tired of the team so I blew it up.

First I tried building around a Lawson-Iggy-Favors core. It just wasn't fun.

Then I tried building like the Heat where Iggy was LeBron, Nick Young was Wade, and Derrick Williams was Bosh. I put Shump at PG and had McGee protecting the rim. That didn't work.

Now I have:
PG: Kyrie / Wroten Jr.
SG: Shump / Young
SF: Leonard / Walton
PF: Derrick Williams / Jason Smith
C: Oden / Drummond / Diop

And I'm really digging this team. Nick Young is my 6th man (about 30 minutes a game) backing up SG and SF. Drummond backs up PF and C, mostly for his development. Oden is more of a stop gap right now than anything. He's not bad, though. These rest of the starters I'm going to build with.

1) Kyrie is a ****ing boss. His handle is incredible, shot is so easy, dunks in the lane...
2) I've never enjoyed playing defense until I used Shump. It's actually a battle trying to stop players man on man using him. Fun stuff.
3) Derrick Williams is bad. I wanted him to be my #2, but he has no offensive ability other than dunking. Still going to develop him into a Larry Johnson-type player. Eventually...

0-2 with the new roster. But the first game was against the Heat where Wade beat me with 3 seconds left. The second game was against the Spurs where I lost in OT by 2.. So I'm still feeling good.

Only complaint is that my team can't rebound for shit. Blair and Duncan combined for 30 rebounds, and about half were offensive... Not sure how to fix that.
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