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Default Re: People actually think that reducing the size of military will weaken America...

Originally Posted by Godzuki
honestly i'm done responding to you. you constantly act like you're some authority over the most direct source conveying the news possible, and trying to discredit them. so unless you're the Syrian leader or a Iranian leader thats being completely honest with all of us, you have no f'n clue what you're talking about

the funny thing is initially you tried to discredit the news agency being Fox news that i cited, and then you jumped to trying to discredit the rebel leader after i linked his quotes. how do you know more than him again?

You're not getting my point, I didn't even notice that it was Fox news that you cited but your thoughts really resembles the garbage Fox News try to get out there.

And you can't be serious now, did you even read the last paragraph of your own source? Let me help you;

But there's no smoking gun connecting Tehran to the recent airstrikes -- leaving only a distant, suspicious hum in the air over Syria.

And no, I don't consider a one line quote from a rebel leader as something I would find credible and especially not when I read the last paragraph of your source. A claim like that is supposed to be backed up by proof, not a quote from a rebel leader without anything proving his point. They have an agenda like everyone else, a simple statement from a rebel leader is not proof to anything.
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