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Default Re: Creepiest person/thing you have seen in the streets.

Originally Posted by Geriatric
Got on the trolley downtown one day and sat down without checking out the people around me.

After I sat down I realized the two women sitting in front of me frightened me to death. (They had interior facing seats so I had to look right at them the whole time)

One was a younger woman, but was over 6 feet tall and beastly looking with the number 666 tattooed across her forehead. She had giant eyeballs that seemed to bulge out of her head so much I was afraid of one falling out and rolling over to me.

The other woman was ancient (we're talking the crypt keeper's doppleganger here) and was missing one of her eyes. Instead of a patch, she just had this hole where her eye was supposed to be. She was hunched over and maybe 4.5 feet tall.

They both lacked adequate mental faculties and smelled like warm garbage. Easily the most creepy duo I've ever personally witnessed.
too bad u didn't take a pic. did u think u walked into a horror movie set or what?
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