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Default Re: Round 1: Bulls vs Heat going into game 4

What I should of said was tried to sign. And it was 3 players (Rodman, Grant and Harper) and an entire coaching STAFF. Lakers would of signed more if they could of. And I know Rodman wasn't there during the 3 peat, but when you only have 5 guys on the floor and 2/5's of them are Bulls along with the coaching staff, thats signifigant wther you want to admit it or not.

And if Shaq was so eager to sign with L.A., why was it so hard for West to close the deal? If Shaq hated Penny so much, why did he almost stay in Orlando? You telling me that circumstances wouldn't of been dramatically different if Orlando had of won the title that year?

And Shaq was the only player to beat Jordan when he only played or 1/4 a season. Dude got a full training camp under his belt along with Rodman and the Bulls AVERAGED 70 wins over the next 2 year and won 3 titles in a row. So that 95 win by Orlando does ring kinda hollow.

And yes Rodman was totally in his head.
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