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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

One small comment on Melo....

He knows that this is his time, and I'm willing to bet Melo is not satisfied with his game from last night.

He played well, but could have been better, especially on offensive decision making.

As far as the other items in game.....

I was surprised that Kidd started the game, but not surprised at his play.

He plays a smart game now in his age, and he was provided just the right amount of minutes to do so.

Brewer is gonna be a problem for other teams if Melo is gonna be playing the 4, which is gonna allow Brewer to just focus on whatever wing is on the other team, and make their life extremely uncomfortable.

Woodosn's player management was near perfect, everyone received proper minutes, and ample chances to contribute.

Just a really good team effort, and no matter how others may feel.....

The Knicks came out, played their game, and never looked back.
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