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Default Re: knicks without stoudemire beat the heat by 20

Originally Posted by bagelred
I wish it wasn't true.....but unfortantely it is....

The combination of the trade for Melo and his declining athleticism is an awful 1-2 punch. Knicks are simply better without him.....which is sad.

If they manage minutes well, this isn't true. Melo is that team's only consistent scorer other than Amare. The difference with this team as compared to previous years when Melo was the only consistent scorer is that this team has shooters all over the court, but you don't want to rely on that.

They're a better starting lineup without Amare though. I say they'll let him start, but make him the first guy subbed out, relatively early and sub back in for Melo or Tyson. The fact is they can all 3 play together offensively because Melo and Amare both have jumpshots and can play inside...they're both more effective making plays inside but Tyson is in the way. 2 of the 3 on the floor is what you want, but 3 of the 3 is not ideal. Amare makes himself the odd man out because of his defense.

If they could trade him, great, but if not....they need to figure out the rotations necessary to make it work, and I don't think its that hard to figure out. In fact Amare's absence makes it clear.

Luckily though, as I've been saying, the Knicks have the most dynamic roster in the league, so they can seriously have multiple starting lineups big and small. They can get away with Amare playing 5 and Melo at the 4 for games and certainly stretches, because they can put a perimeter around them than can limit penetration and rebound the ball. Amare at the 5 (poor defender, good shotblocker) with Melo/Brewer/JR/Kidd/ or Shumpert or even Felton all good defenders and all good rebounders for their positions, and multiple ball handlers that can set others up or get into the paint.

I'm telling you people are sleeping on the Knicks. Best roster in the NBA. 2 explosive scoring forwards, 2 top defensive bigs, and versatile guard play, perennial 6th man, best shooter in the league.

It wouldn't be the same, but they have enough talent on this roster to sustain injuries from any of their Big 3, even Chandler with Camby on the roster.
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