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Default Re: knicks without stoudemire beat the heat by 20

Originally Posted by Apogee
The thing is this type of attack isn't that sustainable. If your threes aren't falling then what else do you have? It was a great game by the knicks but I wouldn't get to excited just yet.

They can get into the paint too, which they did last night to open up those 3s; and I think the pick and roll will be a bigger part of their game vs most other teams. The Heat are great at defending the pick and roll. The way to beat the Heat's defense is penetration from the pg position (in particular, where they're weak), and ball movement....The Knicks did that.

But on to your point, many teams have lived and died by the 3 and had success with a few guys that can make plays in the paint. The Knicks have ample talent to do both.
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