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Default Re: Mike Brown is going to cost us a championship this year & next

Originally Posted by DKLaker
D'Antoni would be almost as stupid a hire as Mike Brown.......this makes me so
I'm glad more guys can see how horrible Brown is now, I warned everyone the moment he was hired.....I had to put up with all the "Give him a chance" crap as if he wasn't a complete joke in Cleveland.........seriously, I used to laugh my @ss off at how stupid and clueless he punishment, God landed him on my team Yeah......not so funny anymore

Agreed, D'Antoni isn't a great coach. I'd love to have him as an offensive coordinator, but definitely not as a coach. Let some other team have him. His system won't win championships.

One guy that doesn't get as much recognition as he deserves in my opinion is Nate McMillan. I always thought his teams were better than they were supposed to be. He seems to always get the best out of his guys. He's been an assistant for the Olympic team for a while now too. In doing so that means he's been around teams that have had Kobe and Dwight in the starting lineup together. He knows how to get them to mesh. I think he's a name that is under the radar that could be someone to look at. I'm not saying he's the man necessarily, just saying the Lakers should be looking at him. Portland is stupid for letting him go.

And by the way, make that two of us who were against the Brown hiring from the beginning
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