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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Nets 107, Raptors 100

Brook Lopez 27pts, 5reb
Deron Williams 19pts, 9reb
CJ Watson 15pts, 6/9 FG

A win is a win, I take it especially at this stage of the season. We have added so many new pieces during the offseason so Id say we need about 20 games to adjust and see how far they can go into the playoffs.

Brook Lopez is a very useful weapon on offense, he actually had 3 reb in first quarter but then its the same story again with his rebounding issue. Deron is a bit passive today, but still ended up with a nice stats 19/9. CJ Watson is a surprise for us, the 2nd quarter performance was magnificent.

Joe Johnson aint playing well, its his first game though so hopefully he will get better in time. Humphries seems to be playing below his skills too, he did not get much mins though. The bench is actually quite decent, at some supposed experts saying our backup players suck.

So anyway, Raptors should be happy they lost only by 7, considering its the beginning of the season and teams need to get into shapes. The next time we meet, it will be a blowout.
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