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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

i definitely liked how brook was getting fed inside so often in motion or in prime position. much nicer than his slow, mechanical post-up leading to a 10-foot hook shot or whatever. i assume part of that was him getting more physical, or maybe it was just graphic artifacts from the crappy internet feed i was watching. i was also really hoping he would sustain his rebounding pace from the start of the game, though. still a big problem for him, it seems...

andray biatche looking really useful on the 2nd team, as well as CJ watson. pretty cool how the 2nd unit came on and kind of turned things around after the hemorrhage of the 1st quarter, although pretty uncool how that was needed in the first place.

re: defense,
i would like to think that this article by zach lowe about brook is mostly rubbish. if it's not, we might be looking at a problem that's never going to get much better. but i'll try to remain optimistic for now...
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