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Default Re: Backup Plan: Who is next best coach suitable for Lakers if/when Mike Brown get fired?

Originally Posted by kobesabi
0-3... or 0-11 if including preseasons (wasted 8 practice game)

Kinda sad for a big lux tax and nothing to celebrate yet...and seemingly no sign of white light or end of the tunnel yet.

With Nash leg not well from the start...I think by 0-12, head coach position will be changed from many different stake holders and fans putting pressure on the Lakers. As those pile up, it makes it even harder for Lakers to focus as external noise build up.

Just for the fun of it to provide amusement in lieu of Lakers entertainment so...

A. Who is the next best coach most suitable for the Lakers now should Brown get fired?

So far from other threads:

Phil Jackson


Jerry Sloan

Jeff Gundy?

Kurt Rambis?

Rick Adelman?

Derek Fisher?



Personally, I vote for Phil but it sounds like Jim Buss might have burn the bridge?
As for D'Antoni, I think he is not a good fit because the team super stars are not young and more with other 2 are giant elephants

B. Any roster changes needed?

Personally, I think by All-Star, if BIG 4 not working, I see Gasol or other superstars maybe traded

C. Any other changes?

Phil Jackson.......I'd be cool with that.....why the heck not!!!

D'Antoni.....No freaking way!!!!!

Jerry Sloan......YES

Jeff Gundy?

Kurt Rambis?........Hell, MFking No, not now not ever!!!

Rick Adelman? Would be my #1 choice by far if he was available.

Derek Fisher? Brilliant man across the board....I'd take him in a heartbeat

DLaker?, thanks but there's no point to putting myself into this......although I can easily coach circles around Mike Brown.
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