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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
after all this time i'm still not sure what AJ brings to this team, exactly.

i mean, his big shining accomplishment was to take a powerhouse team and convince it to play defense... and then of course, find ways to underachieve in the postseason. but what else? i still don't know if he can develop young players or get the nets to play beyond the sum of their parts. i don't believe he's known as some master tactician or brilliant systems dude or anything along those lines. i do know that listening to his voice can get kind of irritating and that a lot of his players wound up tuning him out at his old job. *shrug*

This... Avery Johnson is not a great coach, but Id say hes above average, at least way better than the likes of Mike Brown and Vinny Del Negro. There really aint many good coaches available to hire nowadays. Of course it will be better if our head coach is Jerry Sloan, this team is actually constructed pretty well to fit his style. Dont think Deron will like this idea though.
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