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Default Gasol off the bench?

Was reading some threads over at LG and a lot of people have suggested that Gasol should come off the bench.

I feel that this is actually the best idea so far. Clearly, our bench has been our main problem (aside from Mike Brown's awful rotations). No one on the bench can properly create on their own. Gasol can still play damn well. He still has a variety of moves that can get him to the bucket and that would in some way ease the lack of scoring off the bench.

In return, we can get Jamison into the starting PF slot. I don't believe that Jamison could fall off so hard in 1 year, he just needs more minutes and to play with better players. Just last year he averaged 17 PPG with the Cavs' starting unit. He'll mainly be stretching the floor and hopefully getting lots of open 3's. Enough offense runs through Nash/Kobe/Howard. It's not necessary to get Gasol in there at all times. He'll play starter minutes, except he'll come off with the bench to give them a spark.

The '09-'10 Lakers could have put Odom at SF, but clearly PJ liked him better as a spark off the bench. Same with Crawford on the Clipps, he could clearly be starting over Willie Green, but he's providing the bench with energy and points.

Too many offensive powers on the floor at one time means that production will drop for some players. We really just need more role players to compliment Nash/Kobe/Howard and Jamison fits the bill perfectly.

tl;dr: Gasol on the bench, Jamison starts.

What say you?
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