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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

Originally Posted by $LakerGold

Here's my tip for you.

Veterans = Age 34+ (I could be wrong, but that's how the system is built in Association mode)

Starters - 30 mins. +
Sixthman - 20 mins. +
Role players - 8 mins. + (Depending on the player, there are players that want 15 mins)
Benchwarmer - 1 min. + (Only works for 65 rated and below)

For starters, obviously anyone can be a starter.
For Sixthman, If a player is rated 80 or 80+ they will always want there roles upgraded. But you must wait first for them to ask you to upgrade it, cuz there are some that are 80 but that's just a morale boost, you see those ICON POINTING UP right beside their rating? thats called a morale boost and their original rating could be 78 or 79 depending on there morale boost. There are veterans that could careless about roles but again, it all depends on their rating. If a veteran is rated 90+ and you put him as a bench warmer, WHO WOULDN'T BITCH ABOUT THAT?
I'm saying is ... sometimes a veteran would SOMETIMES go with as being a ROLE PLAYER.

For role players, rated 69-79.

Bench warmers, Rated 68 or 69 BELOW.

Look, I could be wrong but I wrote that shit down from my experience. I know i've encountered a player where he was 78 or 77 and wanted an upgraded role to a SIXTHMAN.

I can tell you're a noobie at this, NO OFFENSE

....Welcome to Association Mode....

No, playing with player roles makes the rotations in the game unrealistic in my opinion. Why would you let a role player who is having a horrible game keep playing and making your team potentially lose when you can take him off and give another guy minutes without him being upset about his gametime.
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