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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Miami definitely wasn't into the game, but i'm sure they thought they could just come in and get that W with a half assed effort.

I definitely agree with the majority of your entire post, Franchize.

LeBron doesn't want to guard Melo because it takes alot of energy to do so, but of course he'd do it when the games matter at it's greatest.

Melo held his own defensively, and i don't mind his offense taking a hit to get that side of the job done, as a scorer will always find ways to put up points.

That zone we saw briefly i think was something Kidd and Tyson may have brought up from the Mavs years, it looked suspect, but didn't hurt the team.

I've admitted that i was surprised to see Kidd start, but he played well, and that's all that matters...on both sides of the ball.

Brewer can free lance on defense, pick his guy from the 2 or 3 and make their world uncomfortable which he did.

The Knicks claim Tyson had flu-like symptoms again, and i won't make excuse for him on this one.....he was merely serviceable.
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