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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
#1 It was one game
#2 Brewer and Kidd both started
#3 I love how you are mad because I supposedly didn't give the bench the credit it deserves, yet you are ranting about the guy who got 30 and 10 and completely locked up Wade and LeBron whenever he guarded them. I did the same thing you did. I mentioned the good and the bad. So why am I the "bad guy"? did you actually READ my post or are you responding to what you THINK I'm going to say? I gave Novak his props. I gave Kidd his props. I said JR was good on D but terrible offensively. Essentially, I said everything you said lmao
You're not a bad guy. I never said you are. I just think you sometimes overy criticize our bench.
Kidd and Brewer started but they are essentially bench players who got the opportunity because of the injuries. You said Brewer looked terrible. I disagree. He had some nice cuts,nice passes and his defense was pretty good. I also don't think Prigioni looked awful. He didn't do much but you can't compare him to Bibby,you simply can't.

I'm not ranting about Melo. I'm one of his biggest fans on this board and often I defend him when others are bashing him.
He gave a lot of effort,played great defense and was a spark in the 1st quarter that basically created the lead which cause us to win the game.
The only bad thing that I can say about his performance is that he took some really questionable shots in the 2nd quarter.Other than that he moved the ball,played withing the flow and didn't hold the ball for 15 seconds just to fire it at the basket.

So please don't get me wrong. I'm not attacking you. Even though we sometimes disagree you're one of my favorite posters on this board.

Originally Posted by franchize
I think they were acting like prima donnas. I get their stance about the Sandy situation but once you're there, suit up and play. They seem uninterested after the Knicks came out and hit them where it hurts. I think once they realized the Knicks were ready to make it a dog fight, they said F it... we'll get em next time.

3 things of note:
1.Our defense was pretty good but what was up with that stretch in the 1st half where we went to zone? It was a disaster lol

2. I keep trying to tell people LeBron doesn't want to guard Melo but Melo has no problems guarding him or Wade. Nobody wants to believe me because it's like blasphemous to say anything about LeBron other that him not taking the big shot or the LeCision. The proof is in the pudding though. Whether Melo plays SF or PF, LeBron simply doesn't want to have to guard him all night. When LeBron or Wade get the ball, Melo has no problems checking them. My favorite play of the night is when Wade had Melo one on one and he tried like 90 moves and ultimately Melo blocked his shot and we went the other way.

3. Say what you will about this next statement but I know what I see when I watch these games. Tyson Chandler looked AWFUL. We had guys like JR and Prigioni look bad on offense but still stand up and hold their own defensively. Tyson Chandler didn't I thought he looked bad on both ends. I thought our "best" defensive player actually looked like our worst. Im not saying he should get benched, but I would be a fan of starting him early then going with Sheed down the stretch once he gets in shape. Any time table on Marcus Camby?
I enjoyed it too. It's called leading by example. If our star player is willing to put effort on defense then everyone will follow him.
Also it shows Melo improvement on that end. Before Melo would say "**** it" and let Wade score easy points. But not anymore. He accepted the challenge and defended him beautifully.
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