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Default Re: What's a good shooting percentage from the premieter during practice?

From a book on shooting

Want to see what your shooting percentage will be in a game? Understand that you are
normally half as effective in a game as you are when practicing alone. This usually
occurs because of fatigue, too much tension, and the anxiety and excitement of the
game. Try this for yourself. Take ten shots from the three-point line and see how many
you make. Now take the makes and multiply by ten, and then divide by two. This is
your approximate shooting percentage for a game. For example, say you made eight out
of ten shots. If you multiply your makes by 10 (8 x 10) you get 80 and when you divide
this number by two, you become a 40% three-point shooter. Please note that anything
below 30% is a player that a coach doesn’t want shooting from the perimeter in a game.
Again I repeat:
• Great Shooters will make 40-50%
• Good Shooters will make 35%
• Average Shooters will make 30%
• Below Average Shooters will make 25%
• Poor Shooters make 0-20%
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