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Default Re: What's a good shooting percentage from the premieter during practice?

Originally Posted by ace23
I'm usually around 80%, 75% for threes

How much/often do you shoot?

I've heard in an NBA broadcast that Peja drains about 95/100 from NBA range at practices.

An NBA swingman with a jumpshot would make 45+/50 from the elbow.

pretty solid numbers ace, I can tell you can def hoop with them numbers.

OP, the better question is why the phuck are you taking 18.5 footers ??? step back to that 21 foot line and launch them 3 balls that's the only way you going to get better homie. What's your ft %? you should be taking more free throws then 18 footers when you practice, that much i know.

And it depends how serious you are about hoopin with the percentages. Your numbers are prolly average for an,average high school player at the SF position. Any level above , an average high school player, in terms of skill/talent. I'd say its subpar.

I'm at 97% FT, 90% highschool/college 3 point when i practice, with or without a rebounder. It doesn't matter to me.

NBA players ( guards that can shoot, so not counting the John Wall/Rondo/Evans of the world ) at FT% at practice - 90-99% FT , midrange shots that are just catch and shoots about 90% or better.

All the percentages, I've listed above are just uncontested practice catch and shoots, while at peak. When you factor in fatigue, dummy d/contested shots t, off the dribbles etc. Percentages go way down.
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