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Default Re: What's a good shooting percentage from the premieter during practice?

Originally Posted by lilojmayo
lol, what am i reading. I guess it would make sense if you were to take 100 3s and divide by two. But 10 3's, , you can't even assume a normal distribution with a sample size of 10 ( for you statistics geeks).

and there is one big thing that equation is missing SHOT SELECTION in game.

Was a small passage from a book.. I'd think he'd assume in the book shot selection would be pretty good like mostly open shots.

I agree you'd be better off doing 100 than 10, I think he means you could find your level on 10 shots as in you consistently making that number out of 10.

I don't think it's supposed to be an end to all formula, but more as help in general numbers. So far that sheet actually holds up pretty well for what players on my team shoot at practice and in games.
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