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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Good game. We caught another team who came out flat and pounced n em. Kidd had another pretty good game. Felton was really good early on then Woodson rested him too long and it seemed to throw off his rhythm. Sheed looked pretty good. Clearly he needs to get in better shape but you can tell he can still play. Novak was a little off for his standards but today was maybe the best I've ever seen him play defense. Chandler disappointed me yet again. Multiple missed defensive assignments. He had some help defense blocks but he also gave up a few easy buckets by looking lost out there. I'm so over him and his "flu like symptoms". Dude needs some Vitamin C. He gets more colds than my 2 year old daughter. And He's just in over his head. He plays defense decently but boy o boy...his handle is suspect to the 10th degree. He might be worse than Mike Bibby right now lol Kurt Thomas missed his trademark mid-range J's but he gave us some solid minutes. I thought we looked better with Thomas on the court than Chandler. Brewer was a better finisher today but u can tell his legs arent there yet. JR started off terribly but gave us "good JR" at the end. Jru Holiday was killing us. some of the shots were just tough baskets tho. Can't be too mad.

One thing I noticed is that we are over-passing now. I appreciate that we want to have good ball movement but we passed up a lot of quality open shots and made it hard on ourselves late in the shot clock. I'm just going to chalk it up to guys getting used to each other but I think it's also because we don't have many guys that can create off the dribble.
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