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Default Re: Creepiest person/thing you have seen in the streets.

F*ck don't get me started.

When walking in Pakistan, I saw these crazy azz transvestites . The thing is if you don't give them money they will conduct a curse on you. I don't believe in that sh!t, but I kinda lost luggage on that trip. These f*kers are scary, they are oftne mentally challenged and will blurt out some weird azz sh!t.

Saw a homeless guy (while working at a Soup Kitchen) with long hair, elegant beard and no eye. Looked like Dumbledore. But his mannerisms were exactly like the Joker's. Weird.

Got on the bus. Was approached by this black guy who was thin had a sh!tload of foundation on and a really thin nose (no racism looked more Ethiopian). Asked me if he wanted my d!ck sucked. Later a regular fellow came and called him Tooty Fruity and he held eye contact with him for like...twelve seconds. Weird.

And then little girls and old women of all types.
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