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Default Re: Creepiest person/thing you have seen in the streets.

Met a bunch of guys in the city one night who were begging for change. They got talking to me and my mate about how they liked the same bands and stuff we had t shirts\patches for whatever. They then started telling us how one of them had only just gotten outta lock up this morning because his mate had bashed and threatened the only witness in his case. His mate then lifted his shirt to show us that he had a hatchet stuck down his pants and lifted his jeans to show us he had a kitchen knife down his sock and was saying how if any one comes to arrest them again they were ready for it. Me and my mate were trying to get out of the conversation at this point when one of the guys other mates comes up and starts yelling that we stole his jumper or some crap (he was off his head chroming paint all over his face) luckly the first guy who liked the same bands as us told his mate we were cool and we got to walk off with out being attacked by a hatchet wielding mad man lol.

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