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Default Re: Creepiest person/thing you have seen in the streets.

I got one more, its not as creepy as it is ridiculous and kind of funny. So there was this laundromat I used to ride my bike to (it was about 10 blocks). So I got there, I see some older black dude standing outside talking on the phone, so I'm like ok, cool whatever, proceed inside. I notice at the place where I usually park my bike sits a half drunken 40. Disregarding that damn 40, I place my bike near it, carefully, without knocking it over and proceed to do my laundry. About a minute passes, I hear through my headphones, some muffled screaming along the lines of 'move that damn bike, man'. Then before I can turn around and look whats going on, this dude is squaring up on me ready to fight, screaming in my face about what he was going to do if I don't move that bike. In my mind I knew I could have easily taken him, the guy is middle aged and skinny as hell. So I thought about the situation, I'm in a laundromat, the Asian dude behind the bulletproof glass is most likely ready to call the cops. To the other guy getting arrested is probably no big deal, to me it would be a huge blow considering that I am a college student and am hoping to get a job someday. So I decided to diffuse the situation and move the bike and proceeded to do the laundry. About 5 minutes after that happened, I see some other dude limp in with a cane shadily enter the laundromat, take a look around and bounce. After that the guy apologized and we had a long ass conversation about politics and life in the hood. That was probably the most awkwardly ghetto moment I've ever experienced.

TLDR: I almost got in a fight with some hood ass dude cause I parked my bike near his 40.

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