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Default Re: how much debt do you have?

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
First, answer one question. Why do you want to be a lawyer? It is a very labor intensive job. Compared to the work you put the salary isn't great.

Why? For the money. Period. My real passion in what I study now is truly IR, I love learning about other countries and their history, current economy, how their political insitutions interact and affect the people ect.

I know money isn't the right thing to say, but I know I can get into/finish law school based on where I already am academically. I also love debate, and there are a lot of things about being a lawyer that appeal to me. And i'm sure if you put in enough work in your field your salary will match the work you put in.

The family friend I mentioned started out as a law clerk, and worked his way up to being a partner at his own divorce firm, and makes $550 an hour, ballin house, maserati in the driveway, money out the ass, etc. That's where I want to be by the time im his age (45). I honestly don't care how hard I have to work as long as when I get home I have money in my pocket, a nice car, and can provide a great life for my family. And I know I can really do it too.

Pursuing a job in International Relations would also be much more difficult being that I only speak English, am white, and have never even been outside the states

I feel like ever since high school I always had intended to become a lawyer, and I really can't imagine myself holding any other kind of job and liking it (other than something related to IR)
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