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Default Re: I enjoy so much watching this team play

Originally Posted by franchize
I'm cautiously optimistic but I will say it's very fun to watch us be effective on both ends of the court. I hate the term "play the right way" but that's exactly what we're doing. When we would win under "the other Mike", I couldn't get hyped because I knew that wasn't a long term recipe for success and we wouldn't win meaningful basketball games playing that way. Not only have we beat two solid conference foes, but we did it with mostly sound basketball principles. Solid defense and ball movement. We still switch more than I'd like and we still lack creativity by guys off the dribble, but I'm encouraged that the IQ and principles of our basketball team has gone up.
I agree. When we won games under D'Antoni it was because we either made shots or the other teams were missing their open looks.

No defense,no gameplan. Just run,launch threes and hope they will go in.

Right now we're playing very good defense,limiting opponents to 84 points. When your opponent scores just 84 points then you'll win in 95% of cases.
Playing defense allows you to get out and run,get some easy baskets but it also always keeps you in games. You won't always shoot well but by playing defense you know that even if you're having a bad shooting night you can still win because your opponent won't score a lot of points either.

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