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Default Re: 3 game notes ....thing I am watching

Yeah, I think Fields is going to be a one year wonder and pretty much untradeable, so he will be the amnesty clause. Anderson should be our starting 3 man right now anyway , as he is a better all-around player. Fields should be playing on the second unit anyway.

Bargs must get playing better in order to trade him, or get the most out of him and give him and val a chance to work together. Obviously 3 games is a pretty small sample size.

Right now, they have been the two most disappointing players to date.

I think Kleiza may actually be a guy we can give a go to as our starting 3 man. Anderson should get a shot first, and if that doesn't work out I would go with Kleiza to help stretch the floor and post up smaller threes.

I would like to see what type of chemistry val and Kleiza have together. The back-court is looking pretty good with Lowry and Derozen.

If bargs can get back to what he did for those few brief games last year, this team could get scary. If Lowry plays like an all-star and Derozen can keep up his improved all-around game we just need Bargs to get his shit together. It's not like he shouldn't be feeling Davis and Amir breathing down his neck. They are both deserving of more playing time.
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