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Default Re: Lakers beat Pistons for first win of season. Now 1-3

A lot of people are saying things such as "well it was only detroit". That statement is true to an extent. What people don't mention about the game is the different style of play by the lakers.

The most important factor was that the lakers played inspiring, energetic, and passionate defense which resulted, whether it was going to be against a great team or a bad team, in a beautiful win. A win that the fans want to see on most nights. The lakers have all the talent in the world. Even with the Nash injury, they still have Dwight, the best of centers. They also have Kobe, the best of guards.

Another point to focus on. Steve Blake had a very nice game. He is the guard that the princeton offense requires. The offense is perfect for his style because he can score just as well as he can pass.

Bench production:

Very solid. I have been mentioning Darius Morris since last season even when he was committing bone headed plays. I've always loved his potential. He's the best ball handler I've seen on the lakers for a long time. He kept the bench play going and finally showed he can hang.

Who knows, maybe he is our future.

Great game, lets hope the coaching staff and the players are on the same page for the next game!
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