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I'm finally able to get some internet and get on a computer. In my neighborhood there is just trees and wires everywhere, and there's not even an estimate of when we will get our power back. I've been living with darkness and cold, pretty much no food and water. I know that Sandy caused tons of damage even washed some homes and people away. But I have yet to see even one image or hear anything because no power or lights or anything, all ive heard is from people i've ran into in the street and asked. Haven't seen or heard an ounce of the NBA season, so I can't wait for all of the power and everything to be back on in my house. And I can't go on with my phone either because first I have no place to charge it and secondly, all the towers for my phone provider (sprint) were damaged in my area as well. I'm gonna catch up as much as I can today as I was fortunate enough to have one of my neighbors who got their power allow me to stay at their house for tonight.
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