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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY CAREER MODE' Discussion

Played against OKC, we managed to lose a 12 point lead and lose by 2. That's not what p!ssed me off though! What pi!ssed me off was when I was getting triple-teamed and my teammates just stood there... even when I asked for a pick and roll or anything just so I have a chance of breaking the triple team. I missed the game winning shot because I asked for a simple pick and roll and Cousins took 6 of the 7 seconds to understand what I was asking him too do, so I faded away whilst being double-teamed (surprising they didn't triple-team me on the last shot though).

Just got one game to go before the playoffs, with me being third seed with the Kings but I have to play Clippers in a key game and I think we may have them in the first round of the play-offs too.
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