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Default Re: Fire Mike Brown!!!!!!

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
So is Dwight Howard some sort of human magnet that attracts the ball to him in lob form?

What about that Pass from ron-ron to a cutting Kobe yesterday? Did that have absolutely nothing to do with princeton? Because to me, that was all princeton. And don't tell me ron-ron is a talented passer lol.

Oh....are we so excited about 1 game? Should we use that 1 game to induct Mike Brown into the Hall Of Fame???

So....because we make a few good plays then the offense is great?
I have rarely ever seen an offense in which a team doesn't score a couple good looking baskets during a what?
Can you count on it when you need it? That's what a great offense is all about.....reliable, dependable, fluid, functional and successful.

Bad offenses usually work best against very bad teams
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