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Default Re: Lakers beat Pistons for first win of season. Now 1-3

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Come on DK. You're better than that. That's all you have to say?

What is there to say? Wow, we crushed that horribly inept team?
Let's plan the championship parade? We showed the Pistons who is better?
Do you realize how many games I have seen since 1960? How many games I have coached? And yet you are looking for me to get excited and comment because we beat a really crappy if it means anything?
Trust me, we will not be playing against a team like Detroit in the playoffs.
Do you know how it feels to coach against a team that bad, and blow them out.......embarrassing. If you have a close game or lose.....more embarrassing.
There is no glory in it. I coach to destroy the other team and love it when we blow out a good-great team.....that actually gets me excited.
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