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Default Re: Dallas will beat Atlanta on Sunday Night - I personally guarantee it.

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
There are plenty of teams that have gone longer without a ring than Dallas...

Only one team with more rings...

I guess people just expect more out of us...1 ring a decade maybe???

Somehow that's the Cowboys motto, but not the Eagles haters are hilarious
The Cowboy fans talk more shit than more fanbases, so you get more shit. You talk far more than the Giants and we won two superbowls. You announced several times this year that not only were you going to win, but games were virtual locks (like the Seahawks game on the road). You insist your QB is a top 5 level QB all the time. when you say IM GREAT IM GREAT IM GREAT and you fall you are going to take shit for it.

Welcome to reality. The Giants are a really good team and i say "i think we are a really good team". The Cowboys are far less good and you say "we are much better than the Giants".

The thing the cowboys have been best at the last ten years is underachieving.
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