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Default Re: Why aren't I getting better?

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
In order to Make improvements you need a mix of skill work and games. At 25 you should be building your career and setting the foundation for your life. Where does putting in 90 minutes doing skill work multiple times per week + games + lifting fit into the greater scheme of things. Improving in a sport to the point of being good takes a lot of time. Working on skill drills so people compliment you on a ball court would be weird. Honestly, I'd laugh at any 25 year old 5"7 dude running through drills by himself at the park.

Guess it comes down to the fact that I see no benefit from this activity. I think you are weird for wanting to do skill work at 25. This is coming from a former gym rat as well. Do something productive with that extra time.

Doesn't matter what you do you need to exercise. You could spend all day at work, go home and sit in your nice house and watch tv, go to bed and get up and do it all over again but what does that do for you? Health>money
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