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Default Re: 3 game notes ....thing I am watching

Originally Posted by barkleynash
I think Kleiza may actually be a guy we can give a go to as our starting 3 man. Anderson should get a shot first, and if that doesn't work out I would go with Kleiza to help stretch the floor and post up smaller threes.

This +1 .. I am wondering what Kliza will bring.

Actually I really dont know what to project.

I mean he was hurt a lot of last year but then had a good Olympics. Olympics are a different game than the NBA. Dont know what the personal issues are but hope its all good for him; and he comes back steps up and pushes Fields into performance. Frankly any comptetion from the 3 is welcome.

Barges increase perfromance I have no doubt, especially on the scoring front. He is getting the touches - but as per the Brooklyn game all the touches were at 25 - 30 feet. That spot on the floor should be Demars.

I dont know if the offense is scripted this way to put Barges to the outside because Fields cant hit a shot - and Kliza isnt there - but I have to believe the offense is scripted to move Barges to the low post. Barges should be lethal (offensively - not rebounding) in no mans land at 9 feet from the rim in the low post quadrent.

I am getting tired of excuses; play better or bench him in favor of Davis.
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