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Default Re: 3 game notes ....thing I am watching

Today is the first NBA game i've been able to see all season. (go figure, the first game I get to watch my favorite player on the team goes down). But from what I saw, to borrow a phrase from Charles Barkley "lots of Tito's and no Michael" We have a pg in Lowry that pushes the pace, and we have guys that can catch and shoot or catch and dunk. BUT we still don't have wings that can create off the dribble. And we don't have that game changer that we can't count on consistently to draw double teams and make the game easier for the other players. As Himan said in the other thread, Lowry would be a great compliment to a Bosh or an all-star/superstar talent but on this kind of team he's a drop in the ocean being wasted really.
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