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Default Re: Andrea Bargnani facing sink-or-swim season with Raptors

If this seasons is really a "sink or swim" season for Il Mago (which I still don't believe for the record, he's been neither sinking or swimming. he's been FLOATING for the past 6 seasons) he's definitely SINKING so far. Worst numbers he's put up since his sophomore campaign.

Through 4 games:
13.8ppg on 33%FG shooting, 3.3rpg, 1apg, 0spg, 0.8bpg. And as expected, nobody is talking about it because nobody cares anymore. I've heard Casey say Fields needs to improve, i've heard him talk about different things Lowry can do, i've heard him demand more out of Derozan... But now he's fallen into the pattern of every other coach Bargs has had. Get mad at him, want more out of him, and then give up on him and let him do what he wants. Like I been saying since season 3-4, he is who he is take him or leave him. Maybe on another team with another contract situation he'd play differently but not on our team.
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