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Default Re: Let's start with the predictions - FIRST 10 GAMES

one week only 2 games

Nov. 9 - vs Dallas
Nov. 13 - @ Orlando

I didnt realize this big break there is no excuse for not even better the next 2 games. They better win.

Nov. 15 - @ San Antonio
Nov. 16 - @ Memphis

This is the real test. Not only because its on the road but because these are 2 playoff bound teams. They cant lose both if they are going to be legit. 2 close loses doesnt cut it. If this team is real early win both. Wouldnt be mad over a split.

Nov. 18 - vs Indiana
Nov. 20 - @ New Orleans
Nov. 21 - @ Dallas

Indiana lost Granger for 3 months now. If Anthony Davis isnt there that team is awful. No Dirk. The Knicks are older so this traveling 6 games in a week is tough. I think Woodson will monitor minutes and should monitor the KRUST minutes during this stretch. 2-1 wouldnt be terrible and honestly I wouldnt kill them if they struggled to go 1-2.

7-3 would be awesome, 6-4 not bad.
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